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[Solved] How to keep a window always on top?


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How Do I Force a Window to Stay On Top in Windows 10? This would help me to work through the BI Academy hands-ons labs.

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The following blog discusses 10 different tools:


Let us share our experiences.


Always on Top (AOT)

AOT is a Firefox Add-In. The extension is available on github. Download AOT and run AOT.exe to install the app. Then, you will find a sticky icon in the Firefox browser window. This allows you to keep a browser window always on top. 

Please note, that you have to open the Hands-Ons with "Open as a new window". If you just click on the icon, the Hands-Ons will just popup as window with no restricted rights. 



You can download from here. 
Unizip it and find a little sticky icon in the task list. Just drag-and-drop it to your browser window.


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The authors web site is here: DeskPins : Elias Fotinis (