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[Solved] How to activate PowerPivot in Microsoft Excel 2016?  


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22/07/2020 9:37 pm  

When I start MS Excel 2016, I can't see PowerPivot in the menu. 


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22/07/2020 9:43 pm  


  • Requires Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus or Office 365 ProPlus


Check your Excel version:

  • Start Excel
  • Click on File > Options > Add-Ins > Manage COM Add-Ins
  • Activate PowerPivot

If you don't see the Power Pivot for Excel COM Add-In, then you do not have the ProPlus version of Excel installed.


Apple MAC user: PowerPivot is not implemented in Excel for Mac. The problem is, PowerPivot needs the Vertipaq OLAP engine which does not run on iOS.